The New gOEbase

 We're proud to announce a major upgrade and modernization of gOEbase, the premier toolkit for internal consultants.

Based on input from the user community, we've launched the New gOEbase! With a more modern look and feel, the New gOEbase allows for quicker, easier identification of the "right" resource, along with many enhanced features, including better usability on handheld devices such as tablets.

gOE turns 30

The Group for Organizational Effectiveness (gOE) is celebrating its 30th anniversary! Launched in 1987, we have provided consulting and research services, tools, and workshops to over one-third of the Fortune 100, as well as many mid-sized firms, government agencies and the armed services

Blog Post on Trust

Is trust "nice-to-have" or a business imperative? 

We've all been taught that trust is important at work. But but does trust really matter or is it simply "nice-to-have"?

Does trust, or lack of it, affect team performance and impact the bottom line? Do some teams need it more than others do? Does trust in your team members matter or is trusting your team leader enough? Let's examine what team science can tell us about these questions...

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