gOEbase for External Consultants

Over the years we have received many requests from external consultants to use gOEbase but historically gOEbase has only been available for use by internal consultants. Recently we launched a program to issue a limited number of gOEbase licenses for use by experienced external consultants in sole proprietor or small consulting firms. Contact us if you want to learn more about our external consultants program, including specific eligibility requirements.



Dr. Scott Tannenbaum Wins SIOP's Distinguished Professional Contributions Award

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Scott Tannenbaum, President of gOE – the company behind gOEbase, has received the Distinguished Professional Contributions Award from the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP). This award is given to an individual who has developed, refined, and implemented practices, procedures, and methods that have had a major, demonstrable impact on people at work, organizations and the practice of I-O psychology. It is SIOP's top award to an I/O practitioner.

The New gOEbase

 We're proud to announce a major upgrade and modernization of gOEbase, the premier toolkit for internal consultants.

Based on input from the user community, we've launched the New gOEbase! With a more modern look and feel, the New gOEbase allows for quicker, easier identification of the "right" resource, along with many enhanced features, including better usability on handheld devices such as tablets.