New Study...How to use training to accelerate on-the-job learning.

The US Army Research Institute (ARI) has awarded gOE a three-year research contract to determine how to design and conduct training in a way that accelerates subsequent on-the-job learning.

Prior research has shown that only 7-9% of competency acquisition in organizations takes place in classrooms – most learning occurs on the job. But not everyone is a naturally fast on-the-job learner. We believe that training can be conducted so that trainees not only learn new skills, but they leave training ready to acquire new skills on-the-job.

In the first phase of our research we will be interviewing: a) L&D professionals who have tried to accelerate on-the-job learning in their company as well as, b) employees and managers who have a reputation as “fast on-the-job learners.” If you would like to learn more about this effort and perhaps participate, please let us know.