Sample Resources

To get a better sense for the strategic value gOEbase provides, explore these sample resources:

We have provided an example or two of each so you can get an idea of the different types of resources within gOEbase, however, to fully understand the depth, breadth, and functionality of gOEbase, you should contact us for a free preview.

These links bring to you live examples of resources available within gOEbase. For online demonstration purposes, you have limited access to the actual gOEbase product.

gOEbase screen capture
For an in depth review of the breadth and functionality of gOEbase, please contact us for a free preview.

Get a Glimpse of gOEbase


overview 1

Methodologies – detailed how-to methodologies and primers

tools 1

Tools – ready-to-use downloadable surveys, spreadsheets, tip sheets, leader’s guides, exercises, workbooks, templates, spreadsheets, interview protocols, presentations and more

advisors 1

Advisors – customized advice from interactive applications

research 1

Research – easy-to-understand, practitioner-friendly research summaries

external resources 1

External Resources – review of books, articles and websites outside of gOEbase

tours 1

Guided Educational Tours – e-learning resources to build consulting skills

video 1

Videos – short video clips and recorded webinars containing information of interest


Arranging a free preview of gOEbase is easy! Just contact gOE for a live online demonstration!