gOEbase helps you tackle organizational needs quickly and effectively—leaving more time to work with and support your internal customers.


gOEbase cost justification charts

Users can easily cost-justify the use of gOEbase in their organizations. Even modest outcomes lessening your need for external consulting or improving internal efficiencies in your first year of use will provide positive ROI. Additional levels of return are easily attained.

As a web-enabled application, gOEbase offers you these conveniences:
  • Anywhere Access
    Office, Home or on the Road

  • Customize and Share Resources

  • Obtain Regular Updates

  • Unlimited Use for all Registered Users

  • Fast, Easy and Simple Navigation and Search Tools


gOEbase saves time and money by adding tangible value to your organization in eight significant ways:

Reduce external consulting fees

gOEbase empowers internal personnel to facilitate sessions, diagnose and resolve issues, and evaluate programs with less need for external support.

Build organizational effectiveness

gOEbase improves problem diagnosis across specific business issues to increase your organization’s overall performance.

Fast-track implementation of your HR programs

gOEbase reduces the time spent researching issues, identifying resources, developing tools and asking the right questions.

Increase internal customer satisfaction

gOEbase allows users to respond more promptly and more confidently to customer requests, enhancing relationships.

Reduce HR education costs

Year-round access to gOEbase’s regularly updated toolkit provides just-in-time learning on key topics offsetting training or conference costs.

Enhance morale/retention of HR professionals

Users with access to the "right" resources feel better equipped, less stressed and more capable of handling challenging workloads.

Increase consistency of internal practices

gOEbase provides access to a common repository of resources and builds consistency across locations.

Build internal consulting competencies and promote continuous learning

gOEbase helps address issues as they arise, building and reinforcing the consulting capabilities of your team.