gOEbase contains a highly integrated set of tools that allow users to follow “thought streams” from one resource to another.


Users can access any resource through several navigational options, including an Issue Definer that helps them quickly clarify their needs, a Resource Library that allows them to identify resources by topic, and a full-text keyword search.

Navigation is straightforward, so users can use gOEbase without any documentation or training (although both are available.)


Tips containing expert consulting advice are embedded throughout gOEbase to provide guidance and also encourage users to think critically.

Top 10 Most Popular gOEbase Resources Globally
  1. Developing a Change Management Plan to Guide Organizational Change
  2. Asking Good Questions
  3. Conducting a Team Development Effort
  4. Action Planning Worksheets
  5. Assimilating and Engaging New Employees
  6. Icebreakers
  7. Building Business Knowledge, Awareness,
    and Acumen
  8. Responsibility Analysis Matrix
  9. Coaching Tipsheet: Ways to Help Others Learn and Improve
  10. Designing an Organization's Structure
gOEbase screen capture
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